How to get commando title in PUBG Mobile lite, 

Hello friends and welcome to another new post of hindimosa.  In today's article, pubg me commando title kaise le, is going to explain in details. Yes friends, if you are also a pubg player and you are thinking that you will get commando title kaise milega, then you are going to tell about this in my post.
How do you get a easy title in PUBG Lite?  How do you get the commando title in PUBG mobile?  How do you win the Commando title in PUBG?    How do you get PUBG titles?

Friends, if you are a pubg player, then you will definitely see the title above the name of some friend, today I am going to talk about the same title, how can you take these titles if you are also a pubg player and you are thinking  If you take the pubg title, today I am going to tell you about the commando title and I am also going to tell you how to take the command title, it will take a lot of hard work to get this title.
Because it is not very easy to take this title, for this you will have to face a lot of trouble because this is the most commando title of PUBG, which many people do not know about them and no one would have been able to take this title yet and thenIf you take this title, then you will be called a pubg genius, so this title is not a matter of everyone's bus and no one can take it, so let's know that you can take this title.

How to get commando title in PUBG lite, How to get commando title in PUBG lite?

If you play pubg mobile light game, then if you waant to know the name of all the writers or want to see them by yourself, then today I will try to tell you about them too, so let's know the titles that you  Can put it above your own name.

1 :- chicken Expert

2 :- commando

3 :- Sharpshooter

4 :- well Liked

5 :- Maxed out

6 :- overachiever

7 :- collector

8 :- weapon master

9 :-  free chicken Dinner

So all this pubg is titled in mobile light, you can easily take any title you want, but for this you will keep uploading every article on this site. About whom you will be told in detail how all those titles are taken and then today I will give you commando title kise lena hai inake baare mein bataane ja rahe hain.

If you have seen all the titles, then now it must be going on in your mind that how to get the commando title, before that let me tell you that if you want to take the title in an easy way then it is chicken expert title. Because it is very easy to take chicken title, there is also a post available on this site about it, after reading that you will be able to take those titles very easily.  But today I am going to tell you how to take commando title.

As I told you above that you will have to work very hard for this.  You have to work hard because you have to be a winner without killing it.  If you are a pubg player then you have to have chicken dinner on 0 kille in 50 matches. That is, to take this title, you have to win by doing 0 kills in every match and then as soon as you win on 0 kills in 50 matches, then you will get the commando title, so hope you have understood.  That's how you can take commando title, but there are many such people who still do not have any information about them, so I would like them to see this post once again, maybe this time you will get better information.  .

How to get Commando title in PUBG Mobile lite?

There will be many people among you who must be thinking that how can one be a winner without killing, that is, how to win on zero kill, it is not possible to win without killing.  At last there will be some guy who will kill us.  then we will die. So then how to take this title, I would also like to give information about this today that if you are a pubg player then you will know very well that you can also become a teammate, yes friends, when you come at the end, you will have to ask that guy.  

To talk to those who are alone, then to tell them that brother I have a title which I want to fulfill But for this I have not done a single nail and then I have to win this match without killing, if he agrees, then brother will follow you, that is, you will become a winner, if you do not agree, then for this you should hide from them.  Until he dies and as soon as he dies, then you will get this title.

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